“Culture and mindset” is Eurofit’s main message when it comes to environment, health and safety (EHS). For all our plants worldwide, creating a safe and sustainable workplace is key. Our goals are reducing incidents to the absolute minimum and supporting sustainable development, with eye for the environment. We believe EHS is a responsibility for everyone, from management to shop floor.

our health & safety strategy


We are dedicated to the continuous pursuit of safety excellence, perpetually working on an injury-free workplace with competent employees that are highly knowledgeable.


Strategic axes

4 clear strategic axes were established to improve our safety culture.


We strongly focus on leading indicators to measure our mindset growth.


Pursuing safety excellence is at the core of our EHS policy, as we are continuously working on an injury-free workplace with competent employees that are highly knowledgeable. We strongly involve employees and recognize their contributions. We create an atmosphere of trust, where safety is a part of all decisions on and off the job with an understanding that safety leads to excellence in quality and production.

Strategic AXES

Our EHS strategy is built on four strategic pillars.
Effective communication and measurement

We ensure that all employees are aware of the importance of the right processes and procedures to enable a safe and sustainable workplace.

Increase the role of EHS in
project definition & deployment

EHS are integral parts of our business and as such important building blocks for all our projects.

Clear expectations & accountability

By creating rules and new safety roles, responsibilities and results (Safety RRRs), we are able to set expectations and support accountability.

Improve safety leadership at all levels

Education at all levels and demonstrating what world-class safety looks like are key to realize our ambitious EHS goals.

our Scorecard

To support continuous improvement in environment, health and safety, we pay special attention to measuring our results in these areas. Through internal audits we work on becoming and remaining BSR (Basic Safety Rules) compliant. Perception surveys help to determine the current status of our EHS posture. This way, EHS is top of mind in all our plants.
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