Eurofit Management

Eurofit Group is led by the Eurofit management team. Its members are truly passionate about providing customers high quality services. Learn more about the Eurofit management team below.

Jérôme Decharneux

General Manager

Marcos Fernandez

Head of Manufacturing & Innovation

Laurence Degros

Head of HR & EHS

Geoffroy DeLame

Head of Finance & Procurement

Yves Bourdonge

Head of Sales & Marketing

“EUROFIT is delivering tailormade solutions to its customers.”

Yves Bourdonge

“Our success is
founded on PEOPLE strongly believing in what they do and why they do it.”

José Luis Rios

José Luis Rios

Head of Operations & IT

Gunther Mertens

Head of Quality & Projects

Thibaut Scieur

Head of Supply Chain

“One of the keys of
is to provide
logistic solutions to our customers.”

Thibaut Scieur



Eurofit has been a tire wheel assembly partner for the world’s biggest and most well-known car manufacturers since 1996, serving customers all over the world.

Environment, health

and safety

Environment, health and safety are focus points at all Eurofit plants. We pay maximum attention to creating a safe and sustainable workplace, conserving resources and eliminating hazards to protect everyone from accidents and work-related illnesses.



Eurofit Group was founded in 1996, as a joint venture between Michelin and Continental. Since then our company has grown throughout the EMEA region and Asia.

Corporate social


At Eurofit, we fully embrace our corporate social responsibility. We do so in a consistent, global perspective and in every aspect of our operations.
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