Eurofit Nominated by Daimler Sindelfingen

Daimler has nominated the Eurofit Group to deliver the entire volume of the Daimler Sindelfingen facility.

The lighthouse project is not only the new S-Class but also tire-wheel assemblies for other models produced in the plant, such as E-Class 213 and the AMG GT sports cars.

As usual, Eurofit will apply the most advanced technology to achieve the highest technical standard. The latest innovation is the High-Speed Tire Uniformity machine. This machine is unique on the market and co-developed by our innovation department. On top of that, our Böblingen plant will have the installation of a fully automated high shelf storage system for both TWA and tires.

In total, Eurofit will deliver more than 10 million TWAs from our Boeblingen location. The complexity of the production is also staggering, over 1500 different references in parallel, a new record.

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