A45S Mercedes A Class delivery

Eurofit has been delivering the tire and wheel assemblies for the new A45S Mercedes A-Class.

Since its release in 2019, the A45S Mercedes A-Class has been in the spotlight of sport car fans and speed daredevils everywhere.  That is all caused by the fact that the A45S boosts the world’s most powerful 4-cylinder engine, achieving impressive 100km/h in less than 4s. The ambition is to be the fastest car in the segment with the largest engine, for ultimate drive swiftness. The A45 knows what it wants: to drive fast and have fun!

One of the most critical factors in the tire and wheel assemblies for sports cars and other sensitive models is vibrations and noise. A vehicle with no vibrations and disturbing noises allows the driver to concentrate on the drive and just enjoy the extraordinary sporty sound. It is a major enabler for final customer satisfaction. Eurofit has been able to accomplish this by executing one of the highest quality processes in the market. The tire and wheel assembly range for this model is also very grand; High spec 19″ forged AMG wheels with 245/35 R 19 tires with sensitive flat black and polished silver surface.

Eurofit has been delivering the tire and wheel assemblies for the A45S Mercedes A-Class from our location in Rastatt.


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