Eurofit delivers the new Citröen ë-C4 electric car

We are excited to announce we will deliver the tire-wheel assemblies for the new Citröen ë-C4 electric car.


Eurofit group has yet another electric car tire-wheel assembly to add to the expertise in electric car tire-wheel assembly segment. Eurofit already delivers the new Mokka  and the Volkswagen ID. 3 , among others. Eurofit Group cooperation with Citröen and the PSA spans several years and car models.

Citröen has been increasing its range of electric cars steadily over recent years. The new Citröen ë-C4 is a 100% electrical car with a range of 350 km and the company’s most recent compact hatch vehicle.  

New C4 family allow customers the possibility of picking between 3 sorts of engines: electric motor at 100 kW (136 hp), new generation Euro 6d petrol engine from 100 hp to 155 hp or Diesel from 110 hp to 130 hp.

In the teasers videos released by Citröen for the new Citröen ë-C4, we got a good look at the new design features such as the evolution of the Citröen hack family as well as the new tires wheel assemblies.

Eurofit will start delivering the tire wheel assemblies for the Citröen ë-C4 electric car as of October 2020 from our plant in Zaragoza.

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