Eurofit to deliver the tire-wheel assemblies for the VW ID.4

Eurofit Group is happy to announce we will be delivering the tire and wheel assemblies for the VW ID.4.

Volkswagen has officially launched more information on its electric SUV, the  ID.4. The company’s newest fully electric SUV uses the same electric drive concept as the already in production ID.3.

According to Volkswagen, the ID.4 will be available in a sporty rear-wheel-drive configuration as well as all-wheel-drive two-motor variation. Based on preliminary estimations, VW expects the ID.4 will allow up to 420Km of range, depending on the motor. As far as speed is concerned, the ID.4 will reach 100 km/ h in approximately 7,5s.

Volkswagen is also taking climate change seriously during the production phase of the ID.4. When manufactured at their Zwickau plant, the VW ID.4 is expected to be carbon-neutral along its value chain. The Zwickau factory production capacity is over 250,000 vehicles per year. The factory produced several versions of the Volkswagen Golf, as well as bodies for the Bentley Bentayga and Lamborghini Urus. They are also building the ID.3, VW smaller fully electric car.

From the plant Radsystem Mosel, Eurofit, a long term partner, is already delivering the ID.3. When combining the delivery of the tire-wheel assemblies to the VW ID.4 from Mosel, we reinforce our expertise in electric vehicles requirements.

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